what if i was gone

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    You’re entering this town
    Yourself a weeping clown
    You play along to songs written for you
    But you’re all out of tune

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    Thanks to Ian for letting me use his 8-track to record this song that I wrote GOD KNOWS WHEN AGO.

    a few days ago

    This is the first single off of my album, Gloomy Grandfather II

    369 plays Too Many Moons Owen Ghost Town


    Owen- Too Many Moons

    Au revoir, bonne chatte
    There’s too many moons, and I’m but one man.
    You know I like to get lost without you,
    and return with dirty thoughts about you. 

    that must be a record

    52,011 plays Pale Blue Eyes The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico


    for Lou.

    ”..linger on, your pale blue eyes..”


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